Steps Needed to Be a Translator - Become a Translator

Steps Needed to Be a Translator - Become a Translator

Translation is a booming business these days, and it is only going to get better. In the next several years translators will be in higher demand than ever before and in higher demand than just about any other professional. Professional translation is needed in many different industries. Whether the translation professional is general or specialized, there is great need for both. Steps needed to be a translator include language proficiency, certification, and experience. These three basic steps will launch a career into translation where there is ample opportunity and great demand.

One of the first steps needed to be a translator is language proficiency. Many translators are bilingual and were raised speaking two languages. It is not necessary for a translator to be bilingual, however. Fluency is typical requirement. Some people are able to acquire a second language through the course of many years study. Proficiency in two languages will include the ability to speak and write fluently adhering to technical specifications. Correct grammar, sensible composition, and flow are all needed in translation. In addition, translators should have some knowledge of the culture, history, and current events of the countries their languages come from.

Another of the steps needed to be a translator is training and education. Specific training in translation is conducted at several different levels. Universities often offer programs in translation. Career colleges and community colleges also have programs that are shorter in length but are good education none the less. Online programs are also an option. These programs offer great flexibility as well as a good education and can be completed in the evenings or weekends or whenever is convenient for the student. Programs may span from several years to only three months. Each program awards some kind of certification or degree upon completion. Certification is necessary if the student is serious about a career in translation, just as a dentist must have certification for his work.

Experience is very important in translation careers and is another of the steps needed to be a translator. There really is no such thing as an entry level position in translation. At least 3-5 years experience is expected for a translation specialist just starting out. School can provide some of this experience, but some additional experience may be necessary to pursue. Travel abroad, internships, and volunteering may provide the experience needed.

-By Adriana Tassini

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