Study to Become a Translator - Translator Education

Study to Become a Translator - Translator Education

For people who were raised with two languages or for those who have acquired a second language, translation is a great career option. With a little training, these can put their language knowledge into use and make good money doing it. With proficiency in two languages, jobs become increasingly easy to find. Demand for translators is increasing all the time. Education for translators is easy to get and may not take more than a year to complete. Certification in translation can make all the difference when approaching employers for a job. Those who choose to study to become a translator have opened up many doors of opportunity.

Language proficiency in at least two languages is the obvious prerequisite to becoming a translator. With a bit more training, translation is an easy next step away. Programs are available at universities that can help translators get advanced experience or specialize in an area like business, law, or engineering. Programs are available at career colleges that award either certificates or two year degrees. Programs are available online for ultimate education and flexibility at the same time. When students study to become a translator not only are there multiple career options, but multiple educational options as well.

Translators are in high and ever increasing demand. It is projected that demand for translators will increase more than twenty percent in the next decade. That is job security that is impervious to economic demands. Businesses are reaching out globally and the melting pot of America is still bubbling away. Both at home and abroad the need for translation is growing. Pay for translators averages between $30,000 and $50,000 annually, but specialized translators can make up to $70,000. Jobs with the federal government can offer as much as $80,000 to well trained and experienced translators. Some study to become a translator can really open up doors financially and career wise.

A little education goes a long way in translation. Study to become a translator does not have to take very long before it can begin to increase potential for salary and career opportunities. As little as three months can see a student completing a program and walking away with certification. They also walk away with more confidence, experience and a better resume. Certification can make all the difference when they apply for a job. Some students will go into business for themselves. Freelance translators make up a great portion of the translators out there today. Certification will draw in the business.

-By Adriana Tassini

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