Translating Careers - Career with Much Potential

Translating Careers - Career with Much Potential

There is a great need for those in translating careers in the workplace. As more and more companies become global, there is more and more need for translators. In addition, because there are so many foreign language speakers in the United States combined with the growing needs in health care settings, the need for translators will continue to grow. This can mean that for those who have the skills and the desire, a translating career can be an outstanding choice as a career path.

Persons who pursue a translating career will find there are many opportunities available to them. There are many companies who use translators for various documents and other legal papers that they must use in their day to day business. Translators can also be useful in translating books and other printed materials. Many websites are available in more than one language and a translator can be ideal at helping to set up such secondary websites. Translators do not just translate the words, but they also translate the tone and ideas of the words so that the effect is not lost in translation. This can be a bit tricky as each language has its own unique nuances and one must not only know these, but they must understand them very well.

Many who decide to pursue a translating career need to look into some form of formal training. This may be through a certificate course, a bachelor's degree program or even a master's degree program. These courses of study can help a translating student learn the principles of translating as well as the ethics they will work under. In addition these programs will teach the practical aspects of using computerized translation equipment in translations. By going to school and earning a certificate or degree, one has something to show a prospective employer in regards to their education. This can be a great benefit when one is seeking a job, especially their first one in the field.

Another valuable resource for one who is pursuing a translating career is internships. Most internships do not pay or if they do it is a small amount, but through such an internship one can gain valuable experience in the field. They can learn the practical uses of the things they have learned in school in a hands-on environment. This can be very helpful to the new translator as well as it will provide experience so that when they do apply for a job they will have that benefit on to add to their resume.

-By Adriana Tassini

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