Translation Agency Internship Program - Getting Experience When You Most Need It

Translation Agency Internship Program - Getting Experience When You Most Need It

A translation agency internship program offers an excellent opportunity for translation students to get practical experience while completing their education. Many people who work as translators will tell you that they had a hard time getting started in the business. It might have taken them months to find their first client. Many do not have a formal education in translation and they started from scratch. If you are in the midst of getting your education to becoming a translator, internship opportunities offer a way around the problems these veterans experienced. It is something to which you need to pay attention.

When you participate in a translation agency internship, you have an excellent addition to make to your resume. Some people scoff at an internship, saying they do not want to work for nothing. However, these opportunities offer untrained individuals the opportunity to get real world experience. It gives them a taste of what working in the industry is about. It provides them with the chance to network with professional translators that deal with the real world situations. And, in some cases, it offers the opportunity for full time employment after graduation. This is something that many people do not realize. Some companies use internships as a way to see if someone would work well in their business full time.

A translation agency internship offers you the chance to deepen your language skills. Many translations students have a good working knowledge of their chosen language. However, some do not realize the nuances involved with the languages until they get into the real world. Working an internship will give you the opportunity to work with real documents and to get mentoring in areas where your knowledge is not enough. This type of work will expand your appreciation of the level of knowledge expert translators actually need. It will also give you a taste of what you will experience.

Other benefits of an internship program is furthering your editing skills, acquiring analytical skills, improve communication skills, learn how to work in a professional environment, and get exposure to a wide variety of documents. You gain many other skills as well. Use an internship as a learning opportunity. You will find that a 3-month internship is more valuable than a 3-month classroom project. Real world experience is invaluable. It also looks very good on a resume when you are ready to find your permanent employment after graduation.

-Adriana Tassini

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