Translation Business Training

Translation Business Training

The world of translation offers extensive opportunities for individual professionals to build and launch their own translation business. Unfortunately, few college programs or other options exist to offer these professionals training in how to run a successful business. While there are many books written on the subject of being a freelance translator, and there are even books available on shifting from a solo practice to a business model, there is little in the way of actual training. This unfortunate gap between translation training and business training leaves many professionals to stumble through the process on their own with little in the way of knowledgeable guidance.

There are limited classroom-style programs available that offer translation business training. For those with access to live classroom instruction, cost and location are the primary barriers. For those with access to online instruction or training programs, cost is still a factor. Many of these programs do not qualify for traditional student loan programs, leaving the professional to bear the brunt of their educational expenses on their own. However, there are affordable programs that offer to assist professional translators learn how to establish their own business in the translation industry. Their availability is simply limited.

For those with limited or no access to translation business training, the choices remain books and help from other successful professionals. However, resourceful translators can read up on general business topics for other freelance professionals in terms of organizing their firm, necessary legalities like insurance and business license, as well as marketing and employee relations. These topics are universal to every business, no matter the industry. They require little in the way of formalized training. Much of the information available is free from government agencies or government supported private organizations. These agencies and non-profit organizations can assist with translation business training in so far as the business side of the training.

While opportunities for translation business training in a formalized, easy to find, educational setting are scarce, this does not mean they do not exist. Many translator training programs also offer classes on business set up and operations as part of their training curriculum. These courses do not necessarily prepare students to immediately go into business for themselves upon graduation, but they do provide a good foundation. Students can then build on that foundation by studying business advice through books, online forums, and government programs. Combined, these solutions can provide a good start for translators who wish to build their own translation business.

-By Adriana Tassini

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