Where Can I Get Free Translation Training?

Where Can I Get Free Translation Training?

As is the case with most things worth doing, true quality translation training is not free. That being said, there are many websites where e books and training guides can help those who think they might be interested in pursuing translation to learn more about the process. Translation training is something that typically begins before someone actually enrolls in a certification course in that most interested in the field are already fluent in one or more foreign languages. Native speaking or expert fluency in one or more foreign languages is the cornerstone qualification for a successful translation candidate.

Translation is the process of taking a written document, book, web copy, anything like that and converting it from the original source language to the new target language. It is imperative that this process keep the original context intact, from the tone to the actual information. This is why most translation jobs will insist on a native speaker or a fluent expert to get the job done well. Formal schooling is not something that is mandated in translation jobs, however many potential employers will overlook a non-certified candidate in favor of one that is certified.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, as everyone has most likely heard many times in life. The question where can I get free translation training can be answered simply by saying there is no such option, except there are details to explain. While there is no free training program per se, there are many free online websites and training guides that can answer many questions about translation. These types of free readings can also help a prospective translator prepare for a job in translation by explaining advisable steps and laying out possible options and guidelines that can be taken advantage.

A successful translator is one that:
  • knows both the source language and the target language fluently
  • has great communication skills with all kinds of people
  • possesses good organization skills
  • writes creatively
All of these traits and more add up to a person who will excel at translating if they want to pursue a career in translation. Translation is a growing industry that has jobs from online translating to travel opportunities available. The possibilities are nearly endless. Experience is the best teacher when it comes to the translation world, by working to gain as much quality experience as possible, a translator can have many job opportunities to choose from.

-By Adriana Tassini

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