Translation Certification Program - Which Translation Certification Program is Most Well Known?

Translation Certification Program - Which Translation Certification Program is Most Well Known?

The answer to the question “Which translation certification program is most well known?” is “It depends.” Each country has its own individual certification program with individual criteria and tests. Until recent times, no international group offered certification testing that certified people in all parts of the world. In the past, the translation industry has not required translators to carry certification. This is all right when someone works in a single country or locally. However, more translators want to work at the international level. Certification from an international body would help this happen faster. That is what many new professionals are looking for.

The world is changing, and so is the translation industry. International companies of all sizes need competent translators. The world of business is getting smaller every year as international business continues to grow. The same growth appears in law, science, and medicine as well. Information technology is a leader in this growth. All of these different industries need people with certification and excellent translation skills. They need people who understand how to translate in particular niches of business and other areas. That is why so many translators entering the industry today look for certification opportunities. It is a way for them to stand above the crowd of other translators.

A translation certification program provides more than just a certificate to those that pass. It gives them a measure of professional prestige that non-certified translators do not have. They show that they are professionals that want to see how well they do against industry-recognized standards. The certification process teaches them about how the industry works and how they can use their certification to become a recognized professional in the industry. Certification opens up doors that might not have been open before they obtained certification. It looks very good on a resume and will catch client attention from the start.

There are certification programs at the national level in most modern countries. However, if you want to work in the international area, you want a certification that will go between borders. You need to find one that will provide you with certification in your primary language of choice. There are exams available for a number of languages including Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Irish, Danish, Russian, German, and French. There are many others as well. These certifications will help you launch your career or make the one you have even better. It is worth the time and energy to consider.

-By Adriana Tassini

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