How can I become a certified legal translator?

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Question: How can I become a certified legal translator?

Answer: Here is where some confusion arises in the industry. Some may read the question above and think it is regarding whether you are legally able to translate official documents or not while others may read it as being specialized within the field of law.

Since laws are constantly changing, we are not lawyers, and we cannot determine online where you are geographically based we cannot give you legal advice on what you need to do to translate legal documents.

However, if you are looking to become a certified legal translator in the sense that you would like to specialize within the area of law than we can help. Our team is currently developing a series of specialization options that will become available in 2011 and 2012 that will allow you to take the current generic Certified Translation Professional (CTP) program and then specialize yourself within one of several areas include medicine, business, law, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, or literary works. Please see and register for our email alerts to keep up to date on these new options being released.

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