How to Start a Translation Business

How to Start a Translation Business

Starting a career as a translator requires recognized professional qualification, experience and skills. It could be a bit more specific than just converting a text from one idiom to another. A full comprehension of the language of your choice, understanding dialects, slang, etc, can be useful when working with ambiguous words. If you want to make a living out of the translation career you need to think about being dedicated to a lifetime of learning commitment.

To start a translation business you will have to look for a couple of translation fields that you’re familiar with, and wish to work with to have a good start. You may even want to complete a translation study course or get certified by a translation institute. Earning a translation certification will improve your knowledge and increase the credibility as well as the reputation of your business.

Translation jobs are not rated equally, so you will need to learn how to price each job, accept or reject it accordingly to your schedule and fees. To learn more about translation rates and fees, please click here. Having a contract with a client to establish your payment terms and working conditions may help you guarantee your next project and also certify your work as a specialized translator.

Creating your own archive method to keep your translation job records can help you maintain the organization of you business as well as becoming a great source of information and a personal library which can make you work faster and eventually allow you to start a translation business of your own.

Budgeting is the key to the success in a self-employment type of living. You may not have guarantee projects every week of the month, so planning ahead and saving up some money is a good and smart thing to do.  You need to use services which allow you to have a professional feel to your branding, website, legal representation, project delivery, and client billing while not paying corporate rates for such services.  If you take on heavy expenses such as paying $10,000 to brand your translation business before it even begins you could go out of business very quickly.

Create a good relationship with your clients. This is the number one advice to a winning translator career which will leading to starting your own translation business. Understanding your clients and their needs is very important in order for you them to keep on providing more projects for you. It also helps establishing a trustworthy communication between the parts.

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By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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