Top 4 Benefits of Completing Translation Training Online

Top 4 Benefits of Completing Translation Training Online

There are many benefits to completing an online translation training program, but not all of these are obvious. That is why we are writing this article, describing exactly what the benefits are.

Top 4 Benefits of Translation Training Online
  1. With an online training program you can study from home around your current schedule even if you are working full time. This makes the impact of adding this to your schedule much less painful.
  2. By completing an online program you can still work full time or even go to school full time while also completing the program
  3. Typically if a program is online there will be pressure for them to add value to each participant or nobody would join their program. That means that many programs actually offer more total video, audio, and email-based support than their on-campus competitors.
  4. Most online programs offer career coaching and resume feedback and this type of advice is hard to get from someone who is a translation expert if you go to a more traditional university or college.
In addition to these benefits we have found that many people complete these types of programs because they are based in places which don't offer more traditional programs. If it wasn't for an online training option they wouldn't be able to get trained at all.

This is why I believe translation training online is only in it's infancy stage right now. In the future translators of all types will seek to expand their knowledge and abilities online through websites, forums, and video training platforms.

That being said, most translators can gain an edge within the industry by completing a translator certification program such as the Certified Translation Professional (CTP)


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By Adriana Tassini

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