Translation Training Online - 4 Crucial Components

Translation Training Online - 4 Crucial Components

There are 4 online translation training components that you should look for before signing up for any program.

  1. Audio Translator Expert Interview: Any program that you are paying over $50 or $100 for should include expert audio interviews with experienced translation professionals who have overcome typical challenges in the industry and can share their best practices with you. By learning from these types of professionals you avoid a lot of potential pitfalls and can grow your career or translation business faster than otherwise possible.
  2. Translation Best Practices Video Modules: It goes without being said that if you are completing an online translator training program that it should include video modules. These are important because many people do learn visually and having only audio resources can lower the actual amount of value you get out of such a program.
  3. Career Coaching & Resume Feedback: Some of the most valuable career building advice can come from the translation institute which provides you with the training or certification program you are completing. Ask after joining how you can leverage their advice to get some career coaching and resume feedback via email to make sure you are headed in the right direction.
  4. Language Testing or Instruction: Many programs focus on teaching you translation industry best practices or being focused completely on the language. While this is not a bad thing, just make sure that if you complete a translation certification program of some type that it includes some type of testing of your knowledge within a specific language.
If you follow these translator training tips and suggestions you will avoid programs that are poorly constructed, too expensive, or too traditional to really give you the maximum value possible.

By Adriana Tassini

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