How to become a professional translator - Getting Started

How to become a professional translator - Getting Started

Becoming a professional translator is something that many may think of as a fun and exciting job. It most certainly can be fun and exciting, but it also can take a lot of hard work. Translating is not just translating words from one language to another, rather it is more complicated. Translation involves not just words but ideas, tones and concepts. Not all words have the same meaning in different situations and a good translator knows this. They know not only the language, but also the culture and the nuances of the language. This enables them to use the correct words to convey the ideas, tones and concepts of what one has written in one language into the second.

Most good translators have grown up in a bilingual home. They use both languages frequently in their day to day life. Not only that, but they talk to a wide variety of persons in these languages. This is a good way to get a good basis in a language. Using it to converse with different people, especially from different cultures helps one to learn some of the varied uses of words among those that speak it only. Some translators may do well learning their second language in school and then using it on a regular basis can increase their knowledge of the language. To become a professional translator one must have an excellent grasp of both of the languages they will be using.

There are programs at many schools and colleges that offer programs in becoming a professional translator. These can range from certificate programs to master's degree programs. The course of study one chooses to pursue will be a personal choice based on things such as finances, time requirement and other personal issues. There are also programs that can be done through online training programs. It is important that no matter what type of school one chooses that they make sure the school has the proper accreditations for the type of training one desires.

Becoming a professional translator can be a fun and exciting job full of many opportunities. It is important that one first get a good basis in their second language, then some formal training and finally some work experience in the field. Many entry level positions in translation might start at lower wages if one does not have any real life experience in the work. Working at low wages in the beginning may be tough, but as one's experience grows so will their paycheck.

-By Adriana Tassini

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