How To Start Out As A Translator

How To Start Out As A Translator

Starting out as a translator requires language experience and skills, which is more difficult than simply converting a written text from one language to another.

An official and academic qualification is not necessary or required in every geographic region but, getting a recognized and professional certification is always a smart choice in order to develop a successful and respectful work reputation.

Earning a translation certification will improve your translation knowledge and increase the credibility of your business or experience while working with potential clients and gaining experience in the translation industry.

To initiate a translation career, you should find at least three areas that you wish to work with. As a translator, you should know both target languages as well as if you were a native speaker if you want to make a living out of the translation industry. Most translation areas break into small subject matter and the more options you’re able to offer and work with, the better are the chances of getting and keeping your translation career growing.

Other important things to be considered are the maintenance and organization of your translation work, and having a financial plan. You may not get jobs every month, so planning ahead and saving up some money is a wise thing to do when you’re in the self-employment type of business.

The number one recommendation in the freelance translation field is to establish a solid relationship with your clients. Understand your clients and their needs and they will keep coming back to you and it will also build a trustworthy statement between you both. When you provide an incomparable translation job and do things exactly the way they have asked you to do, it will definitely help you keep a well-paying client and gain their credibility in your services.

And last but not least, translation jobs are not all created equally, so you will need to learn how to price each job, accept it or reject it according to your schedule and fees and even if you’re working either for a translation agency or on your own, having a contract with a client to establish your payment terms and working conditions that will guarantee your desired income.

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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