What type of entry level translation jobs are available?

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: What types of entry level translation jobs are available?

Answer: Many types of translation jobs are available to entry level translators, some of these options include:

  • Translation Project Review: Within a translation agency you may be hired to review outgoing translation projects for errors in formatting, translation, grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Translation Project Management: Many translation agencies with over employees need a project manager on-site that or may or may not have experience or training in project management but is in charge of making sure that translation work gets done and submitted on time to clients in a professional manner. Those with business or project management backgrounds would excel within this area
  • Business Development: Many translation agencies could us help translating for clients as well as attracting new clients so you may be tasked to help write articles for their website, newsletter, marketing brochure, etc. Many times this can be great experience to help you gain skills you will need to someday lead or start your own translation agency or work as a freelance translator.
  • Mini Translation Projects: Many times a translation agency may take on a tiny translation project to get in-roads into a potentially very large repeat client. While these mini-projects are important they may not pay the agency much due to their size and they may have an entry level translator translate the passage or project and then have that reviewed by a more senior translator before sending it on to the client.
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