How can I become good in translation?

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Question: How can I become good in translation?

Answer: There are many things you can do to not only become good in translation but to truly be great and impress your clients to the point that they come back and hire you over and over for additional translation projects. Here are some tips on setting yourself up to be excellent within this industry:

  • Never sit back and stop learning - constantly refine your skills and abilities so that you are better every month as a professional translator
  • Seek out industry mentors, career coaches, and ways to access the advice of translation experts in the field. This way you learn from those who are already great at what they do so you can emulate them and change your actions to match theirs to improve your results.
  • Detail oriented: Always be detail oriented, organized, and well put together. Represent yourself with honesty and integrity and 100% professionalism and value the relationships you grow over time.
  • Plan for the long-term: Don't take short cuts and plan for the long-term. Take the long approach when working with clients, charging fees or gaining new experience.
  • Master the culture: Master the culture behind the target and source languages so you know as well as the natives the real hidden meanings behind each word you translate.
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