Why are lots of people getting certified as a translator?

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Question: Why are lots of people getting certified as a translator?

Answer: There are many reasons why more professionals are getting certified as translators than ever before, here are the most frequent reasons that we come across:
  • Competition: The translation industry is growing and so is the competition within the industry. If you have equal experience working within the translation industry as someone else but they are certified and you are not it shows that on some level they may be more thoroughly trained or committed than you are.
  • Best Practices: By completing translator certification programs such as the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) program you get to read about, watch videos on, and hear direct audio expert interviews all related to translation industry best practices. This advice is hard to get elsewhere and when received in all of these formats you gain an advantage over others without this information and encouragement to succeed.
  • Ethics: There are some things you should obviously do and not do within the role of a professional translator, but other areas are gray. Getting certified as a translator allows you to explore these issues and clients will appreciate your knowledge of these conflicts before they arise with your work done for them.
  • Career Growth: Getting certified has been show to increase compensation of professionals, and many times those with more education will simply be able to work more efficiently and effectively on various projects and responsibilities within a translation agency.
  • Compensation: As mentioned above compensation can sometimes be raised as a direct or indirect result of earning a translator certificate, and many times employers will actually pay your tuition to help you get certified as a translator.
  • Recognition & Qualifications: Earning a translation certification such as the CTP allows you to show others that you have committed yourself to constant learning and becoming the best you can be within the translation industry.
  • Resume Improvement: Linked to improved qualifications by earning a designation in the industry you can improve your resume, focus it more on the translation industry, and add more to your training and education section of your resume without going back to school full time or fighting traffic in the evenings to get to a college campus.
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