Freelance Translation Rates

Freelance Translation Rates

Regular translation fees and services are divided by common and legal texts some of which may have different rates and fees according to their matter. It could also be based on whether they need or not a more elaborate and specific research to accomplish the job.

Knowing how much to charge can help you grow your client list or improve the profitability of your freelance translation business. When starting a career as a translator the rates can vary from as low as $0.01 per word to $0.30 per word. But the rate depends on the project, length of the project, your expertise in that field, timeline of the project, and other variables that any translator should consider.

Translation fees are usually established based upon the most requested languages such as English, Spanish and French. Other idioms considered rare may have specific rates and those are usually negotiated between client and translator before accepting a job. Other things considered important for the processes of pricing your translations would be the amount of hours per week and weeks per year you would wish to work, vacation, sick time and holidays.

They may also be classified in different sections or type of translations which could be an urgent type of translation, common, legal and technical fees.

Below, a simple chart with practicable freelance translation rates:

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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